Lamborghini Celebrates 100 Years with the Centenario

With the ever evolving arena of hypercars it has become pertinent for companies to create masterpieces and unique cars that have the ability to steal the limelight wherever they go. Lamborghini has been famous for being able to do exactly that, it has the ability to produce spectacular feats of engineering and design, examples include the Reventon, Sesto Elemento and the Veneno. This time Lamborghini is celebrating the 100 year birthday of the late founder of the company, Ferruccio Lamborghini, its called the Centenario.

The Centenario – more power more performance / credit @carsbylex

Lamborghini launched this gift to the automotive world at the 2016 Geneva Autoshow. The car is built with the current Aventador underpinnings however the artists and magicians at Lamborghini have tweaked everything. The V-12 that powers the Centenario has been modified to now produce 759 horsepower, this makes it more powerful than the Super Veloce Aventador. This means performance figures for 0-60 mph will be at 2.8 seconds and will go on to hit a top speed of 217 mph.

Sharp edges and aggressive styling with the Centenario /  credit car_throttlee

The Centenario has been shaped to Lamborghini’s previous ‘one-offs’ with sharp edges and aggressive styling to make it a formidable yet evil looking vehicle to look at. However, even with its outlandish styling the Centenario has a familiar silhouette with its hexagonal side glass and horizontally orientated headlamps. which is in harmony with the current lineup of cars that they offer.

Aerodynamic influences on the styling of the Centenario are quite obvious, they are multiple vents, intakes and pockets that are helping channel the air over and around the car to create maximum downforce. The wheels have also seen the same treatment with fins being used in the rims to help with effective brake cooling. This causes the car to move from an already dramatic layout to something more extreme.

The Centenario where engineering and art come together /  credit madwhips_bull

The rear of the car is where the marriage of engineering and art takes place. It has been designed to act like a giant diffuser which has six large fins that seem to originate from the engine bay. These coupled with three angled tailpipes create a rocket ship like rear. An extendable rear spoiler is available for when extra downforce is required.

Most of the body of the Centenario is made of carbon fiber for keeping the weight down 1.5 tons and improve center of gravity for the car. Lamborghini has developed a new rear wheel steering system for the Centenario which helps in reducing the turning circle and also with high-speed handling. The effects are varied regarding which of the three driving modes are selected, Strada, Sport or Corsa.

The Centenario’s interior is carbon fiber, stitched leather, and micro-suede / creditmlsuperautos

The interior for the Centenario follows suit blending well with the exterior, featuring generous amounts of carbon fiber merged with stitched leather and micro-suede. The infotainment system has also been revamped which now features a 10.1-inch high-definition touchscreen with Apple CarPlay, Wi-Fi connectivity. For the track enthusiast the car also comes with a performance data recorder to measure speeds, g forces, and lap times during track excursions.

only 40 examples of the magnificent Centenario will be made / credit madwhips_features

Lamborghini plans to build only 40 examples of this magnificent beast, evenly split between roadsters and coupes. Priced at nearly $2 million it easily falls under the elites of the car industry. What a way to celebrate a centennial.

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